Saturday, September 27, 2008
MP3 Experiment 5
Just spent a misty day on Governor's Island for this years MP3 experiment. I got to the island a couple hours before the 3:15pm start, and enjoyed wandering through the buildings and examining the various sculptures placed strategically throughout the island. There was also a miniature golf course that was set up with some of the craziest holes ever seen in a mini golf course. The 4 heads collective was running an art show there as well, with 4 floors of incredibly striking visual, audio and sensory art crammed into the twisting corridors of an old house.

At quarter after 3 I join approximately 1.5 bajillion others, with a blue shirt and headphones on, and pressed play. Steve, the omnipotent voice from above, joined us as he has for 5 years now, and we were led on a journey that started with stretching progressed through thumb war, umbrella spinning, human twister and tetris, and culminated in an epic battle. This battle featured everyone in blue and green shirts on one side, while those dressed in red and yellow were on the other. We inflated our balloons (swords were a definite no) and lined up for a charge that definitely would have turned a Redcoat (and actually, it did since half our opponents were in red).

Heroes, villains and one giant furry bear died noble deaths at the hands of the balloon filled onslaught. But after the battle was done, we lay in the field as one, meditating and relaxing as Steve said his goodbyes and we were left to wander the island again, sans headphones.

We shuffled off towards the ferries, taking pictures, laughing and slowly coming back to reality. Another year, another mp3 experiment completed.


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