Friday, May 30, 2008
The Dingeldein House
Alyssa and I spent Memorial Day weekend enjoying all that the Pennsylvania Dutch have to offer. We stayed in a bed and breakfast called The Dingeldein House, picked solely for the name of course.

For two days we raced women on scooters and horses and buggies up the hilly roads of Lancaster County. We also tried a variety of local foods at a food festival (although we preferred the local beers they had over the food, with the exception of Whoopie Pie). There was also plenty of shopping for quilts, candles, and other handmade goods, although we tried to restrain ourselves as much as possible.

Overall it was a fun weekend, and despite a few mishaps (including our innkeeper recommending we walk through a bad neighborhood and past the local jail to a restaurant a couple of miles away) we managed to make it out no worse for the wear.


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