Friday, December 12, 2008
Naming things, especially personal things, has always been tough for me. Whether it was coming up with a screen name back in days of old or a personal domainname more recently, it has never been easy. I believe that this has to do with my inner perception that these names must somehow be a total embodiement of who I am.

As a result I usually fall back on my name, as it is in one sense, one of the few things that can in some way sum me up. While logically I know the fallacy of this, I can't help but let it influence my thoughts and actions in these situatons.

In cases where my name wasn't chosen (such as smallwalls) it took a long time for me to be comfortable putting my thoughts down under this name in their totality due to my inability to let the name stand for the whole. More recently I've come to at least understand this tendency and am working on moving past these limitations.

We'll see how things go as I try to expand the writing beyond the ins and outs of daily life.


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