Saturday, April 12, 2008
Party like it's...
On the way home from May's 90's party, which by the way was lots of fun with tons of great music, I got on the subway and sitting there before me was a girl who was the spitting image of Ms. Farshtey, my Latin teacher from High School, same long red hair and all. Of course if the similarities had stopped there it wouldn't be that interesting, but she was of course talking about Latin with her companion.

She was frustrated that so few people have read the Aeneid, and that she would be happy even if they would just read it in English. Stepping back, she wondered how so many people could miss the references to Virgil in classic literary treasures throughout the ages. Eventually their conversation shifted to less Latin-oriented topics, but it was just one of those odd throwback to the 90's kind of nights.

Hopefully I'll make it to bed without any further run-ins with any of those 90's trends we all wish we could forget!


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