Thursday, December 13, 2007
Cash only, a case of subway woe
Every month I get a credit card from the MTA delivered to me at work with a $76 credit on it to pay for my monthly metrocard. We've been getting these credit cards for the better part of a year now; previously we were just given the monthly metrocard. This plan does offer the benefit of being able to trace the cards, and lets me call up the MTA if the pass is lost or stolen to get a partial credit back. However, this credit card didn't help me today when I got to the subway, my previous metrocard having expired yesterday, only to find that all four metrocard machines at the 96th street stop were flashing 'Cash only.'

The attendant at the station booth could not have been less helpful when I asked her about it, wanting to know if she would let me go through and just buy the card later. Her response - 'Go to another station, I can't let you through.' Not wanting to deal with this at the early hour I decided just to walk the 10 blocks south to 86th St, fortunately before the nasty weather hit. It was just incredibly frustrating for the MTA not to have their system up and running, especially when they have pushed people to switch to their 'more convenient' credit card system.


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