Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Amateur Hero
I got to play hero not once, but twice in the span of a few hours this evening. Alyssa and I were walking over to a local restaurant for dinner, and were about to cross the street when a man on the other side slips and loses hold of his dog's leash. The dog takes off on a tear, and fortunately cars screech to a halt as it runs to our side, but due to the 2nd Ave. subway construction a concrete barrier and a tall fence stopped me from grabbing him right away. Instead I ran along side him and chased him up the block and around the corner at which point I grabbed his leash. He was still running though, and pulled hard enough that he tore the metal ring holding it to his harness right off. So another half block later I finally caught up with him and managed to hold him and calm him down until his owner came, thanked me and took him back.

Alyssa and I then proceeded to have an excellent white pizza, and were almost back to her apartment when we saw a jeep across the street that had apparently died, and several people were trying to push it to the curb, with little success. I stepped in to help, and between the three of us we managed to get it reasonably close to the sidewalk. Hopefully it won't get towed for being illegally parked, but it is far better for it to be along the curb than in the middle of the street.

Those were my adventures for the evening. I definitely would not have expected either, but it felt really good to be able lend a hand to a few people that needed it this evening.


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