Wednesday, September 06, 2006
An amazing birthday
There's this girl Alyssa. We've been seeing each other since last December, and for my birthday this week she made me an amazing scavenger hunt that took me across the city and to a wonderful restaurant. It started out in my apartment, where I was instructed to open an envelope at a specific time. Upon doing so I had to follow the clue, which took me first to the video store where I had to pick the correct movie, and then to barnes and noble where I had to find a clue hidden inside a book. Unfortunately all did not go as planned there and someone found the clue and threw it out. After looking in vain in the place I knew it should be (and checking the children's section as well since they make a kids version of it as well) I started doing what every normal clue seeker would do - I started looking in the trash. Fortunately I found it in the second bin I looked in and I proceeded on to the pet store where the next clue awaited me.

After the pet store, I was to hop on a train downtown and I followed the clues to the best rice pudding place in town, Rice to Riches. One more clue and some rice pudding later I was off, walking down Spring St. to Bistro Les Amis, a French restaurant at Spring and Thompson. One delicious meal later, and I was presented with my present, which happened to include 3 cans of spam. Thats a lot of spam. Or if you like, its Spam-A-Lot! And we have two tickets to see it this coming Sunday. I can't wait!


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