Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Three years out
Went to Chicago this past weekend for Jen and Kevin's wedding. It was an amazing event and on top of that I got to see dozens of old Northwestern friends. The weekend was a blur of deep dish pizza, the Garfield Conservatory for the wedding, a 'taste of Evanston' on the lakefill, complete with Thai Sook Dee, Olive Mountain, Whole Foods, Chipotle, Papa Johns and a few others. Then it was a recreation of picture day, taking a gander at our painted rock, watching Argentina win in overtime in Norris, a quick tour of Northwestern for the few newbies, and an evening stroll through Millenium Park followed by more deep dish pizza. Sunday was a long El ride to Midway, a hassle with Airtran to get on my flight, an upgrade to business class for my trouble, and back home again.

It was an amazing weekend, filled with friends, food and fun. There's so much more to tell about the weekend, from the homemade Danish desserts at the wedding to the unexplained 'police emergency' that had us evacuate the El to the introduction of the pink line, but more storeis will come in time. Eventually.


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