Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Well look at the time
It's now 01:02:03 on 04/05/06. (Even if the time stamp below doesn't accurately reflect that) :)


Strange Weather
I'm sitting at my desk, writing an email when I happen to glance up. The sky, which has been growing steadily darker, has fully transformed to the dank gray that can only signal precipitation. Suddenly, a speck of white flashes across the window. I get up and take a closer look.

I realize that it is snowing, and as i watch, it transforms from a few flurries on an otherwise rainy day into a hevy crush of thick wet flakes. Rain is to be expected, april showers and all that, but snow?

I watch for several minutes, enjoying the smack of the specks of snow on the roof below, watching them explode and melt quickly away. Then, from the distance, a low rumbling. For a full 15 seconds, the thunder trembles around me. I've never been in a thunder snow storm before.

Through it all, a cardinal sits on a branch outside, twittering away. I wonder if it finds it odd to see snow falling onto the early buds of spring.


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