Sunday, October 29, 2006
Not that I actually liked the stuff, but Vegemite can no longer be imported into the US. Apparently only bread and cereal products are allowed to contain the added folate that is found in Vegemite, and thus it has now been declared evil by the US government. Although I'm not quite sure of the reasoning behind the folate rules, there are definitely plenty of things that can't be imported the other way, so I guess fair is fair.

P.S. Can we get some Golden Syrup please, I want to make ANZAC biscuits.


From this side of the ditch we hear that the ban on that black gold that is Vegemite has been lifted (I think it was imposed from people committing the cardinal sin of spreading it too thick) and it can be imported again.

Glad to hear that ANZAC biscuits are in the planning over there.

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