Saturday, July 23, 2005
Then they look away
Janice and Rich have been here for a few days now. We've done a bit of a whirlwind tour of the best places to see in Sydney, and will continue to do so till they head for New Zealand on Thursday. So far its been lots of walking around the city - Chinatown, Glebe, Circular Quay, Manly and the Fish market for starters. We've also managed to drink a lot of nice wine, have a couple of homemade dinners - a Lemon Garlic Chicken dish and a Brazilian Shirmp Stew with Shrimp Head Soup.

We also had some company from Alyssa from Biofutures who came down for the weekend. Her stay at my place was capped off with breakfast this morning in Glebe with Johann and Paulo (other Biofutures people) followed by a spin through the Saturday markets there. Janice, Rich, Ching and I finished the day with a waffleicious Wafflemania sundae from Sugarplum.

Now we are headed off to Andrew 1's late b-day party where more fun is sure to be had by all.


Sounds great - Enjoy and regards to Janice and Rich. Off to camp today to visit Mr. Lange II. Less than 4 weeks till you return triumphant!

Dad and Mo
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