Monday, July 11, 2005
I've found that attempting to fit in the time to write up everything I want to about Brisbane isn't going to happen quickly. I'm still finishing up my masters research project, and unfortunately everything else is taking a back seat to that. I will likely end up with post about the days, one by one as they are significantly longer than I expected. So much for Ms. Pac Man.

In other news, a few of us had dinner of Jodie's (from ISS) last night. Myself, Lisa, Joe, Jeff, Yan, and Airin traipsed over to Newtown (with the help of Yan's car) and had a wonderful meter long spaghetti filled evening. We arrived at a little after 6 and sampled Austrian wintertime tea, fortified with an unknown Austrian spirit, and gorged ourselves on sweet chili crackers and some wine before settling down for the main course. The sauce was made with minced chicken, tomatos, and other vegetables and was delicious, as was the garlic bread cut Australian style (Without the long cut running the length of the bread). Dessert was rum balls made by myself, Lisa, and Ching, as well as Anise cookies from Joe. Both were delicious, and way too many were eaten by all. We finished off with some champagne, good conversation on everything from politics, to travel, to sport, and made our way home full, satisfied, and a bit misty eyed that very few evenings like this one remain for all of us.

It really was a wonderful time. Jodie's house was wonderful and pink, and gigantic. With a little back yard and tons of character, it made me excited to be getting ready to find another new place of my own. It's also been hard knowing that so much of what we do now is 'the last'. Even with Lisa and Joe leaving in just a week and others following every week after that, it's still hard to believe that the Australian segment of my life is coming to a close. A year and a half has flown by and given me friends everywhere across the globe. While I'm excited about the next phase of my life, I'm also sad to be leaving this one behind. Onwards to the next adventure I guess - it's not like we have to leave everything here behind - the people and friendships will remain. And on that sappy note, I shall force myself to stop.


Yes, you're sappy.

Oh don't forget about this friend on a very tiny island in S.E.A!
Finally back to a high speed connection to catch up on your adventures. Everything looks and sounds great!!! And the next part of your life adventure will be even better than the first 24 (almost) years. Can't wait to catch up. Off to Italy tomorrow and then finally home for a while on July 15!
Love, Dad
Can't believe you're nearly done with Australia already. That sucks man, feels like you just got there.
So what are the next big plans? Any chance of visiting the UK again?
To respond to you all -
Sherlee - I could never forget anyone on an island as small as yours. Besides, with the worlds most expensive biomedical research park, you never know when a company trip might take me into proximity (once I have a company)
Dad - good to have you back, good to talk to you today, and have fun bouncing around the world.
Daddy - (that sounds a bit weird so I'll just call you spanners) The UK shall be visited again, fear not! The time here really has flown - and with so many places in Europe to stay now, I won't be able to stay away for long.
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