Tuesday, July 12, 2005
And a side of fries
A random thing about me...
I like letters better than numbers; Specifically in screennames, email addresses and the like. I can't explain why this is, but I always feel that numbers are an easy way of coming up with something instead of being creative with words. Maybe words just fascinate me too much.

While numbers are fun to play with, they will always do the same things, or can be acted on in a similar way, for the most part. With words, changing a few around can completely change thoughts and perceptions. While I know a few changes in numbers can drastically change a system, the effect seems all the more powerful with a few simple words. Possibly I just like the near infinite way of playing with words to get them to say exactly what you want. Numbers are exact, but there's no challenge, no creativity in getting them to do what you want them to.

I don't know exactly at what point I made the transition into a words person, and my mind definitely works better with numbers, but I'm enjoying writing more than I ever expected I would be. Of course, after nearly 4 years on here you'd think I would have realized this by now, but sometimes those self reflections take time to fully develop. And of course when I started writing this, it was purely about screennames. Guess my mind likes to twist and turn its way around a seed of an idea to find its own path. And I could never do that with a string of numbers.


So interesting for a math/science person. Guess all the writing you are doing is having a positive effect :).
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