Friday, July 15, 2005
Ain't no wonderland
My body decided today would be the day it totally flipped out on me. I got up nice and early, a few minutes before my alarm went off, refreshed and ready to spend the day finishing up my research paper. After a quick shower, I threw some laundry in and did a few housekeeping things while it was running, with the intent to put it outside and then get working. After hanging it up outside under a nice, clear, blue sky, I came inside and my body just decided to give up.

I sat down at the computer while an anvil pounded furiously on the inside of my skull. After attempting for 5 minutes to type, and not being able to finish a sentence, I plodded to the bathroom to find some good old American headache relief. Having finished the small amount of advil I originally brought several months back, I popped a pair of tylenol gelcaps. And just a few minutes later the nausea started.

Rather than sitting at the computer in pain, I decided to just lie down for a bit to see if it would pass. I opted for the couch, where I would have a few papers to read if my eyes would focus, and where I would be less likely to fall asleep. A short while later Ching popped back into the apartment (she'd left an hour or so earlier) and seeing me in pain tried her best to make me comfy and get me anything I might need. I said I would be alright, told her not to worry, and that I would see her when she got back from work at the end of the day. No sooner did she leave then I fell asleep.

Groggily rubbing my eyes, I looked out through the window to see that time and a storm system has passed during my slumber. Three and a half hours had gone by, leaving me with a crick in the neck from the too small to sleep on couch, although my body certainly felt better than it had earlier. Ching got home shortly thereafter, while I still couldn't focus on getting anything done. By 6pm I finally was pulling myself together somewhat, got a few ideas together, at which point my body made it clear that it needed some food.

A quick trip to Coles for some chicken soup, and a somewhat leisurely dinner to enjoy it later, and I was finally ready to put in some serious effort. Somehow the whole day had gone by without me getting much done, but the past few hours have been pretty productive. Most likely I'll still need tomorrow to finish it up, but I don't think my body could throw anything more at me right now, so I'm sure that tomorrow will be an up early, productive early, get the paper done early kind of day.


Was it?
PS. Glad you are feeling better
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