Saturday, December 18, 2004
"You wouldn't want him climbing on your baked bread... oh those are sweet potatoes." -My mom, on the sugar glider picture found here.


Thursday, December 02, 2004
Oh ain't it strange
Down to my last night in LA again. Hard to believe its been 14 months since I was last here. Got in on Sunday afternoon and somehow managed to walk right by Eric, who was waiting for me outside customs. I walked to a payphone about 10 yards away and called him only to find out he was right there. We quickly met up, and then a short annoyance with parking later we were off. Came back to his place, chilled for a while and got to know his roommates a little better. Then we headed out to Chipotle for dinner before going out to see "The Incredibles", which I enjoyed.

The next day I stayed at Eric's, sleeping in to catch up to normal time and then getting packed up by my bro in the later afternoon and going out to dinner at Black Angus Steakhouse with him and Eric. That evening we went back to Dan's apartments where I met his roommates, before getting a good night sleep.

Tuesday morning I spent exploring the slightly dead Beverly Centre and then wandered around the USC campus for a while before having lunch with Dan at the 29th St. Cafe (or something close to that). Hung out with Danny that evening after he was done with class, and went to the first screening of "A Sound of Thunder", a movie based on Ray Bradbury's short story of the same name. After that we went back to his place and ate all the leftovers my mom sent back with him from his Thanksgiving weekend home.

Wednesday I slept in a bit again after being up somewhat late Tuesday night again, and had a boboli pizza for lunch at Dan's before he took me out for a driving tour of LA. We went through downtown hollywood, and ended up at the office building where Eric works, and ended up going out to say hi. I decided to stay with him and after he got off work we did a cosco and best buy run, just like old times. Then I got to meet Alice, Eric's girlfriend, before Dan came by to meet us for a night out on the town. We originally headed to Universal but all the parking lanes were blocked by cones and it seemed dead, so we headed over to the Saddle something bar and managed to get the underaged Dan in and had a nice dinner there, complete with a full view of the various people who dared to try the bucking bronco. Then back to Eric's to watch his "Tommy Transportation" video that he made for USC's transportation service and then random internet video clips.

Now its off to bed, and tomorrow I make my way back home to NJ (well to JFK technically). A brief night home and then I'm off again.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Thanksgiving, Slightly Delayed
Pictures from Thanksgiving are now up. The first half are from the dinner at our place (on thanksgiving) and the second half are the biomedical engineering thanksgiving pictures taken on the next night.


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