Saturday, September 11, 2004
That might be good
Saturday night and I'm sitting at home folding laundry as a break from doing work. As depressing as that sounds, its really not so bad as it means that tomorrow I will be free to go the the Festival of the Winds, an annual kite flying event held at Bondi Beach. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures cause its supposed to be a great day with perfect wind for kite flying.

In addition to that, last night I went to the Chauvel theatre to see "The Corporation", a documentary about big business and how they have shaped the world and all their inherent evils. It was really well done and sparked lots of good conversation.

And I can tell that I've been working too long on the computer because everytime I finish a paragraph on here I hit ctrl-s to save my work which ends up publishing the post and having to come back and re-edit it. 2 more shirts to fold and then back to work!


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